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The Family Lifeguard Estate Plan Attorney in Waco, Texas

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Are you worried about who will care for your children when you're gone? Do you want to make sure your assets are properly distributed? The Law Office of Steve Howen in Waco, TX has developed The Family Lifeguard Estate Plan as your reliable resource for estate planning assistance. The plan is available to all families in the Central Texas area.

We will start by sitting down with you to discuss your wishes and create an estate plan that's perfect for you.

Let's begin drafting your Family Lifeguard Estate Plan as soon as possible.

It's never a bad time to start making wise decisions regarding your estate plan. You can start preparing today and save your loved ones a lot of stress and difficulty down the road. If you are in Temple or Waco, Texas, and you want to get the process started now, don't hesitate to call The Law Office of Steven Howen today and schedule a free consultation.

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The Family Lifeguard Estate Plan includes all the paperwork you need to create a complete estate plan, including:

  • Guardianship papers to ensure your children are cared for

  • Wills and other paperwork necessary to administer your estate

  • Medical directives to communicate how you should be cared for

  • Instructions for others to create a ceremony to remember you

Let a skilled attorney be your guide through the estate planning process. Start the estate planning process with The Law Office of Steve Howen in Waco, TX. Call (254) 225-4313 now for an appointment. Not based in Waco, TX? Attorney Steve Howen is also able to meet with you in Waco, Temple, or anywhere throughout the Central Texas area.